December 22, 2009


It's windy in Nor Cal today. The sun is shining but it's a "soleil menteur" because it is not warm outside. As a child, whenever I saw sunny days in Montreal, I had to open the door and feel the air. Sometimes it would feel nice and sometimes I would shut the door as quickly as possible. Today it's the latter one here.

So what do I do when it's too windy and chilly outside? Well I bake and shop. I am making cookies to give to my father in law and leave some for his clubhouse's friends. His clubhouse is great since they buy cookies and coffee for the older tenants but I'm sure homemade is always a treat.

Oh, I did say shop, right? My hubby and I always disagree when it comes to warming up the house. He is warm blooded while I am always cold. I say the culprit is my skinny arms. There's no fat on them. Now my thighs are ALWAYS warm. soupir Now I think I found a way to make him happy in lowering the thermostat and me happy in not feeling cold. I just ordered some sweaters but look at one item that I can wait to get.
Doesn't that look warm and toasty? I think it looks better than a snuggie and is casual enough for lounging around the house or volunteering at my daughter's classroom. I got the black one since the grey was sold out in my size. Rats!

Now here's my question for you guys. What temperature do you set your thermostat to? I set mine at 73-72 during the day and 71 at night (my kids move when sleeping so their conforters are halways on the floor). Share and I'll tell my husband what you guys say, whether it's on his side or mine.

Happy Holidays!


Wanda said...

We follow each other around the house changing the thermostat. I always put it up (reasonably at 70 ish), he puts it down to 60 or below (WHAT!!!!). I know - it makes no sense and he is always cold. I think he's a bit OCD about it ( kidding?)

And as you know - we're living in the North Pole (almost).


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

OOOH the sweater is very pretty. Do tell where you ordered it from!!! We keep our thermostat on 71 all day and night. My Hubby would be in the 60's if I let him, but because of the kids, we compromise at 71. I am still cold there, so share the sweater shopping details! Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas!!!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

The sweater is from Talbots. I already got it! lol Took only 2 days to get here. Now that's fast! lol

So it looks like men are programmed to be in the 60's while we prefer 70's. lol Maybe it's because their skin is well as their head. ;)


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