December 28, 2009

Christmas has come and gone!

I have been mia for some time since I was celebrating Christmas with my family. We had a nice Christmas and I made for the first time prime rib. I was afraid it would come out too raw since hubby does not like medium rare. It turned out medium so everyone was happy. My daughter has that Portuguese in her. The girl loves meat! I'm sure my dad would be proud! lol

My father in law arrived on Christmas eve and we had Japanese for dinner. It was simple so I didn't have to fuss in making an elaborate meal. He spent the night so that he would open the presents with us.

Once we were done with the gifts, I started out making a nice breakfast to fill us up past lunch time. Kids played with their toys or crafts while I started cleaning up or prepping for dinner.

I received an Ipod Touch for Christmas and opened the case after dinner. lol Too busy to see how it works. I have to say, it's great that I can check my emails or read blogs without lugging my laptop around. I can easily read my blogs on the couch while the kids watch their kid shows.

Can you tell he loved his wooden castle???

Grandpa gave the kids a train set. Christopher was very happy!

Talking while opening my gift. Do I ever stop talking? lol

Trying to do the model pose with it.

Sandy also got presents for Christmas.

The end result. See that huge yellow bag? We were picking up wrapping paper as we went along.Helped me a lot for the final cleaning.

Hubby assembling the castle. My father in law was assembling the hot wheels tracks in the family room.
Christopher posing with his castle. It's really a nice size castle!

I love this! I typed in a letter from "Santa" to the kids. I had my father in law sign it since my daughter might recognize my singnature. Child is smart. I then put the letters in the freezer so that they would be cold since they are from the North Pole. lol My son was trying to read but he only knows certain words in that letter.

Stopped at my friend's house to drop of her daughter's gift. Her sister gave her some footie pjs but they were special. lol I won't divulge what she looked like but man I wish I had my camera! lol Dinner was great but late this year. Good thing no one was hungry after having a large breakfast and snacking all day long!

How was your Christmas? Was it picture perfect or did something happen? Mine was perfect except for the late dinner. Eh? Things happen. lol

Happy Holidays!


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Ohh..I loved the video of the two kids reading at the same time! That was so funny. Anyone who has more than one kid learns to understand exactly what they are saying even when talking over each other! We had a great Christmas. The Ipod touch looks really neat. I just have the regular Ipod. Hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day!

Wanda said...

Looks like your Christmas was just about perfect. Nice feeling! (And I liked your earlier post and your expressions of gratefulness.)

I'm thinking about an ipod but the keys are so small. I guess I have to everything else.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. And if it were up to me - Christmas would last till the middle of least.

Bar-b said...

loved hearing sam and chris reading about santa. IT ade me lol whne samantha was like "blah blah blah....nicer to your brother.... blah blah blah..the present is outside!!!!!!!". cute!


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