February 5, 2010

Master Bedroom. Chambre des Maitres.

I wish I could tell you guys that it's 100% done but it is not. It's almost done. Here's a sneak peak of what it looks now. Curious? Yeah, I'm also curious about other people's home decorations. lol

Here's how my room looked before the changes.
And how it looks now.

I think it may need something flanking the picture frame? What do you guys think?
I love these curtains! They are also blackout curtains which my husband likes very much. The man is not a morning person. Enough said.
These lamps are from Target. I love how sleek they are. They are also very heavy so be carefull when bringing them home in your car. lol
My husband side needs something but for now, it will do.
I'm still looking for the perfect "thing" for this wall. I can't put my armoire or the door will hit it or I won't be able to turn on the lights. Kinda important. I was also thinking of a large dressing mirror leaning against the wall. What do you guys think?

I still have to find something to put on my dresser wall and the perfect accessories for the dresser itself. It has the same things on it for almost 10 years. I need a change! lol

I hope you guys enjoyed having a sneak peek into my bedroom decor. I think it looks so much better and less "sterile". Now I actually smile when I go into my bedroom instead of by passing it to get to my closet. Do you like your bedroom? Is there anything you would like to change? Do tell!

A Bientot!


Wanda said...

Lovely room. Wonderful windows and I really like the curtains. I agree, the picture may be too small so something flanking it would take up more of the space or one picture, but much bigger. The bed istoo impressive for the size of this picture.

Also, I like your idea of a floor mirror in that corner. Or a plant. Something green would balance out the curtains from the other side.

My bedroom still needs some work but I might show it one of these days too.

Enjoy the week-end.

Jodee Leader said...

That turned out fabulous! The curtains add soooo much!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

The room looks great. You have fabulous windows in your room! I love the curtains, too. I had a smaller picture over my bead that I love, but had the same issue with thinking it needed more. I put a metal accent over it that matches my room and it really extended the picture. Just a thought. Have a wonderful day.

lisa said...

Love the color choice! Especially in the curtains. The art matches really well, but doesn't seem quite big enough. I think you are right about adding something.

libby said...

The room looks amazing. Love the changes you've made. It's so important that a room (esp. the bedroom) makes you smile.
My orginal thought was to put two smaller pictures beside your big one but the idea of a bigger one might be better.


jenbusymom said...

It looks great! So simplistic, calm and airy. Love it so far! I'm crossing the border today myself in search of some great finds at Michaels. Have a great day!


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