March 8, 2010

Feeling honored.

Last week, I received an award from Doehler Days.  The rules are to state 7 random things about yourself and pass it on to other bloggers of your choice.

1. I'm started exercising again to target my legs. Thirties are slowing down my metabolism and I need to rev it up again.

2. I eat chocolate everyday. Period.

3. I don't believe in diets. (hmm looks like exercise is on my mind)

4. I am both happy and sad that my son will start Kindergarden this coming Fall.

5. I can't wait for Spring.

6. I once stopped drinking coffee for years when I got pregnant with my daughter.

7. I now drink coffee almost everyday and blame it on one of my clients (That's YOU Bryan! lol)

These next bloggers deserve the Beautiful Award.

Tracy from Tracy Blogging About. I love reading her blog and her yard! Oh my! I want her yard! lol

Alice from Simply Decorated.  I like looking at her photos, whether it's food of home decor.

Jen from Life With Jen.  Great woman and I love knowing tid bits of her life.

Wanda from At Last We Are Family. She's an artist and takes great photos of her girls.

A Bientot!


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

How sweet! I love that! I have never received an award! I just won my first giveaway! It must be my week!! I love your blog and am so glad I found it. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again!!

Wanda said...

Hey...thanks for the award and the shout-out. That's so cool. (BTW - are we suppose to put this on our sidebar?)

I'll do a post tomorrow with my list.

Thanks again!


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