March 25, 2010


My husband loves pancakes. I usually made a nice breakfast every Sunday before doing my errands. When short on time, I have used the box versions but prefer making them from scratch. I should remember to make my own "pancake" mix so that my hubby can make pancakes while I am at work on Saturday mornings.

Here's a recipe that I found on Imperfect that I have been wanting to try. I like that it uses butter so maybe the taste was better than my regular old ones. I also prefer to use vanilla bean paste over extract since it gives a bit more flavor without the fat. Try to balance things out. lol

Her recipe is from Joy of Cooking but now it's mine. lol

1 1/2 cup    Unbleached Flour
1 1/2 cyp    Milk
2                Eggs
3  Tbsp      Sugar
1 3/4 Tbsp Baking powder
1  Tsp        Salt
3 Tbsp       Melted butter
1/2 Tsp      Vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste

Mix all the dry ingredients together. Set aside.

Mix all the wet ingredients together. See how easy it is so far??

Mix the wet ingredients to the dry one and stir until everything is well blended.

On a hot griddle, pour some of the batter and let it cook until you see the beginning of multiple air bubbles. For some reason, some people don't know when they should flip their pancakes. It either becomes too dark and burnt or is undercooked and gooey.  Yuck!

Here's a photo of when it should be turning over. Now I had to take a quick photo of MY pancakes were going to get burnt! lol See the lovely bubbles all over the batter? That is when you should flip them. Not at the beginning of their formation or at the end. You will probably have to practice and see when yours needs to be flipped.
See how nice it looks? Any longer and it would be dark brown all over and stiff.
These pancakes turned out soft and fluffy! My daughter is not into pancakes but she ate 2 of these with maple syrup! My daughter who is not a fan of pancakes asked for another large pancake like Daddy's. Yup, it's a winner!
Try it this weekend. If you like them, make another batch then freeze them for those hurried mornings. Pop it in the microwave for some soft and yummy goodness for a few seconds. You won't regret it.

Bon Appetit!


Chey can cook! (and more) said...

Yum - I love when they are so golden like that! What are your fave additions to pancakes? I like choc chips and blueberries - just not together:)

Wanda said...

Yummm....your pancakes look delicious. Wer'e heading out to a Cabane a Sucre on Saturday. Can't wait for that real maple syrup. Bet you miss this little season.


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