June 7, 2010

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Well as I was cleaning the backyard, I notice a lot of dry grass on the ground. Huh. I look up and there's it is! A bird's nest!  A few seconds later, Momma bird (?) flew in with some grass and started building her home. I look at the other side of my house and hear a lot of chattering when I saw the baby birds from the neighborhors peeking out from their nest. I then notice another nest is being built on the other side of my house. lol

I then see a crane/stork fly over my neighborhood. A few minutes later a hawk/falcon flew over then a bunch a black birds came by for a visit. This day has gone to the birds! Litterally! lol
I actually enjoy seing wildlife since in my culture, birds coming to your backyard or making nests are a sign of good luck/blessing. I have to say that I have been blessed in my life and there were always birds around me. Must be true then, right? hihihi

A Bientot!



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