February 26, 2011

Chucky Cheese.

This might surprise or shock my readers but I have never been into a Chucky Cheese restaurant. I have seen the commercials and they didn't impress me. I have heard comments about them before having kids and most were not great ones. I avoided those places like the plague for many years after having kids until this past Thursday night. soupir

It was a school fundraiser and I have said no to all of them since my daughter started Kindergarden. This time I had no other new reasons not to go. I was stuck. Guess we are going. You can imagine how happy and excited my kids were especially my daughter who's almost 8. I didn't want her to be that kid were her mom never let her drink soda (still hasn't but will at 10...maybe hihihi) or go to a typical all American kid restaurant.

I was armed with tissues, hand wipes and sanitizers. lol I didn't want them or myself to get sick. I have been one of those type of restaurant like last year but it was a buffet style and it was expensive. The games I mean. Chucky Cheese was cheap compared to that place so my wallet exhaled a deep sigh of relief.
Got the pizza (last time) and the drinks (surprised they had no juice but mostly soda or lemonade). I told the kids to wait until the food came before they could play. They sat and barely sipped their lemonade  while eyeing all the games. lol I broke down and told them they could play the games close to the table until the food came. They jumped up and went to some sort of racing game with Nick characters.
Food came, hands wiped clean and they ate some of the pizza. Man, that "pizza" sat heavily in my stomach for a whole day. Takes forever to digest! Next time I am getting a salad and maybe sandwitches for the kids. We stayed for over 2 hours! They redeemed their tickets and each got a snow globe which is hard as heck to get water in it! What the heck?! Wished I kept my plastic syringe when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Anyway, it wasn't so bad. Not too many kids running around, place looked clean enough and the games are not expensive. The major plus side is the kids had fun and that's what matters.

I was going to snap lots of pics but I was still momma hawk and made sure I could see/help/play with my kids at all time. Next time I'll be more relaxed. lol


Do you like Chucky Cheese? Is there other restaurant like that in your area? Is it better or worse? Do you like the food? lol I notice beer is served at Chucky Cheese so that probably helps the adults. lol

A Bientot!


Nes said...

We have been, but don't go much. I HATE their pizza. Eww...we tend to eat before we go. Glad you had a good time though!!

Julie R said...

Go for the games! They are so much fun. Just make sure you completely sanitize your entire body afterwards. OK, so the pizza isn't the best... it's pizza! Eat before you go and just have fun playing the games. I have some super fun times at Chuck E. Cheese. I even had my 18th and 20th birthday parites there. Big kids can have fun too now... but then again, now we big kids can go to Dave & Buster's! But Chuck E. Cheese will forever hold a special place in my heart. I'd take a kid there in a heartbeat!

Alvaro Fernandez said...

Nice Post! I remembered the first (and only time) I went to a Chuck e Cheese in the States. It was in Orlando, FL, and there was a lot of noise, but the kids really enjoyed the time. Now, I just been living in Montreal for a few months, I an wonder if there is something similar around here. Any clue?


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