March 12, 2011

Thoughts and prayers.

This morning we got a phone call from my mother-in-law right at about 7:30am. She fell off her bed and can't walk.  We were worried that she may have broken something and hubby went to pick her up and drive her to the ER. I stayed home with the children since we know you can wait forver at the ER.  After a few hours, hubby called and said she has a fracture on her right hip and will have surgery today. 

Please send her some good vibes for her or pray if you pray. I'm afraid she may not heal completely if she doesn't do as the doctors say (not overdo it, rest, take a break and such).  She's a bit stubborn.  lol We will see how the surgery went later tonight.

A Bientot.


Sherri said...

Thoughts and prayer are with her and your family.

Karen Mortensen said...

So sorry about this. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.


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