April 11, 2008

Weekend plans

As you know already, we will be planting some trees and shrubs this Saturday. Hubby is supposedly making a raised bed for my veggie garden. Supposedly because I'll believe it when I'll see it. So here's our projects for this weekend. I hope at least 2 of them will be done.

1) Plant trees/shrubs.
2) Create a 4x8 raised bed.
3)Install new kitchen chandelier.
4)Paint playroom.

OK, so I added the latter one on a whim. I really need to paint that room. It keeps getting put off all the time now and it's getting annoying. I have painted most of this house by myself so why am I dragging my feet on this room? Maybe it's because I stopped drinking Coke for over a month and feel a bit sluggish?

Let me tell you about Coke. It's wonderful! It's the most satisfying drink in the world. I used to drink a ton of it everyday and when I decided to quit, it was painful. I didn't know about caffeine withdrawals. Oh my lord, it was the worst week of my life! Migraines everyday! Ugh! I didn't connect the migraines with the lack of caffeine in my diet. I did it cold turkey too. Not for the weak of heart. All I can say is taking Excedrin Extra Strenght helped me a lot to kick that bad habit. Now I don't crave it as much but when I do get one, I savor it! Ahhh how I wish I had a Coke in my fridge now. All I have is milk, O.J. and peach flavored water. Not the same. :( Maybe tomorrow I can stop by at a grocery store and get some. Hmmmm.....Coke....


SK and Family said...

I used to feel the same way about Dr. Pepper--and had the migraine withdrawals, too!

Then, I made a "rule" for myself that I would only drink DP when we were out to eat--that helped some, until we went through an eating-out binge, LOL!

Now I treat myself with one every once in a while...


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