May 24, 2008

Coupe de cheveux

Not mine but my hubbys' and my sons'. Cute C hates getting his haircut. Detest it! He becomes this wild animal when the hairdresser tries to cut his hair. He's getting stressed, I'm getting stressed and the hairdresser is getting stressed. What does my creative mind do? It decides to buy clippers and try my hand in getting hair. LOL Yes mom. Never had cut hair but I decided to try it. Off to Tarjay and buy some clippers. Got one that has color coded clips so the not so bright people who think they can cut hair. I told hubby I want to first try it on him before I do with Cute C. Who cares if the Tax Manager doesn't look good at the office or with clients, my son's hair cannot get messed up! Hubby was actually excited...until he saw alot of hair on the tile floor. He quickly asked for a mirror. Everything was fine. When I said "Wow, that was a big chunk." he asked for one right away! When he was done, my son sat at the chair and said "My turn." We were shocked since we thought we had to bring out the big guns (chocolate eggs) to get him to sit. He did good except for moving his head so much. I was pretty nervous and didn't want to nick him or whack off a huge chunk of his hair. In the end he was getting fussy and I bribed him (good parenting skills here people!) with Easter chocolate eggs if he let me use the scissors to trim his front. My daughter pretended she was a nurse (hmmm not much confidence in me I guess) and swept the hair off the floor with her broom. Overall, I think I did a pretty decent job for a first timer. I just need to relax more and practice on hubby. Here's some before and after pictures.



Qu'est ce que vous en pensez? Please ignore the scab between his eyes. I did not nick him. It was an accident between him and his friend. Boys play so much rougher than girls. sigh
A bientot!



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