May 15, 2008

Jour de grande chaleur!

It's currently 99F right now. I'm sure it's hit the 100 mark but man, it's like an oven outside. Pour ma famille et amis Canadiens, that's 37C. The only difference is that it's a dry heat, no humidity. If there was, people would die. Well some. Maybe. Anyway. So I watered my plants last night knowing this would be a scorcher and I was right. Look at my poor hydrangeas. They're all wilted and down. My daughter watered them this afternoon because I was afraid of them dying. I planted some plants too and they are wilted too. Tip: do not plant when it's going to be close to 100. Even if it's the am, don't chance it dude! (that's my California side coming out). Anyway, I'm hoping they'll get to feel better tonight when the heat is out. I mean, I get shade at my front porch and still my flowers can get wilted. Now that's some heat baby!


A bientot!



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