May 25, 2008

Pumice stone

Not the one for your feet but for cleaning surfaces. This thing RAWKS! It takes out stains from sinks, ceramic tiles and that nasty toilet ring! It's a mild abrasive stone that can get rid of stains, mineral deposits and rust! When your cleaners won't work, try this stone! It needs to be wet or will scratch the surface. For those that have hard water, this is a must! Here are some examples I use it for.

  • Remove ring around toilet
  • Remove mineral deposit on shower floor tile
  • Remove mineral deposit from sink's drain hole (I'm sure it's called something else)
  • Remove hard water stains from sink's surface
  • and much more that I haven't personally use it for


You can buy this at your local hardware store, grocery store and discount stores too. It's in the cleaning aisle and can cost between $2-$4 each. I usually cut mine in half so that one part is for toilets and the other for sinks and other surfaces. The germaphobe in me wouldn't be using the same stone for the sink and toilet. *shudder* I gave one this week to a friend of mine and she was sooo happy with the results. If I can help one person in getting rid of stains, I have done my job in this world *cue the singing angels and halo on my head* Have fun cleaning!



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