June 2, 2008


I have a secret. Most of my friends and family know this about me. I can't swim. ShockedYes, yes, you heard it correctly. sigh.

I am probably that small percentage of North Americans that can't swim. Why is that? Well add an overprotective mother (hi mom!) and teenage years of embarrassment of not being able to swim with your friends,and you get me. This year will be different! Today I took my first swim class in 27 years! (took one when I was a small child..no I won't say how old) My friend K and B also took the class. It's a 4 days a week for 2 weeks class. Do I really expect to swim in just 2 weeks? No. Do I expect to get rid of this fear in being in water. Yes. If I can float, I won't drown. I need to feel relaxed when the water hits my shoulders. The lap pool was 3'6 or 9" and I'm just 5'. Kinda nerve wracking for my size.

Funny. Before I entered the water I was a bit embarrass to be in my 2 piece swim suit...once in the water, I completely forgot about it and concentrated on not drowning. Hmmmmm...cellulite that everyone will see or drowning in the lap pool. I chose the later one since I am here typing my post. I had fun at some point and hopefully my friends did to. Lets hope tomorrow will be a better day for me.

A bientot!



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