July 8, 2008

Ah non!

Why did I just discovered this wonderful store??? Anthropologie. I shop at my usual stores that sell petite sizes since it's so hard to find anything that fits me correctly. And then....I found it. Why oh why did I find this store?! My usuals are expensive enough but this one, wow, so many pretty clothes that have my size! soupir Lets all take a look, d'accord?
Now tell me if this isn't the cutest dress in the world?!


Wait, there's another one!




The prices will make you gasp if you used to paying anything under $100 for a dress.
Wait! They also have shoes!!!! Some cute ones that would look great with those dresses. Thanks to 2 pregnancies, my feet have flatten to a size 6 instead of a size 5. I guess something good besides my children came out from being sick the whole time!

Photobucket Photobucket

Now, I do possess some self control or I would of spend alot of money on myself by now. But I don't since they are not top priorities in my life. I don't not live a flashy life. Pretty much quiet and low key but when I do splurge....hubby gets nervous. If that happens, I just bake him an apple pie or maybe an apple crostata and he's all happy and sleepy from the baked goods.

Now, should I get one of those pretties or should I keep dreaming of cooking in my kitchen wearing one of those dresses with shoes and a pearl neckless? Ok, scratch the neckless! Hmmm scratch the cooking! Ladies, I think it's time for a MNO!
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A bientot!



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