July 10, 2008


Ok, you know my title doesn't look right if someone didn't know it was a French word. Sooo.......I decided to paint hubby's backyard gate. It was 103F so not too bad. The air is still hazy but at least we can't smell smoke. So here's what it looked like before.


And now. Wow!
Ok, ok. Maybe wow is too strong of a word but you have to admit, it's better than what it was before. I did 2 coats and by golly, it was dry in less than an hour. I guess dry heat is good for certain thing. One project that I can cross from my To do list. Feels good!
A bientot!


Bar-b said...

sit. down. lady.

I love you and your energy, even though you are on drugs (heroine) :) Come over to my house and expend some gate painting, strawberry picking, fresh bread making energy.


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