July 11, 2008

Le resultat

So after work and picking up the kids from preschool, we tried mommy's homemade freezer jam. First thing first. I made a small cup of coffee (first of the day thank you very much) and smeared it on homemade rolls. What?! I made some extra ones the last time to freeze them. Don't roll your eyes at me! So here's what it looked like.


It was yummy and sweet. I know I can't use less sugar or it won't set BUT I wonder if I used a bit more strawberries, it'll be less sweet. It was nice tasting strawberries in it than some of those "strawberry jams" at the grocers. It's not as firm but I guess freezer jam isn't suppose to. I will make it again in the future since it wasn't that hard. I love apricots so maybe I'll make that this week when I pick some up from my favorite farm. This would be fun to make with the kids too. They can mash the strawberries then stir the pecting in the end. Verdict from my taste testers? Two thumbs up. Even my daughter said my jam tasted much better than Safeway jam (O brand) but I think she's biased. Winky

Bon Appetit!



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