August 19, 2008

Des culottes pour mon fils

This will not be an interesting post for most of you. Perhaps to some mom in my situation. Be forewarned it will be dirty. You have been warned!

We are in the throes of potty training my almost 34 month old son. I have tried it 3 times in the past year. Last summer, after Christmas and now. It looks like now is clicking. It's only been a week and he has had some accidents. On Sunday he had none! Boy was I happy! Yesterday, 2 poop accidents and one ginormous pee one. I'm hoping today will be better but I am so happy we will be Easy Ups free hopefully by his birthday!

Right now we are giving him cadbury mini eggs as a reward. One for pee and two for poop. Last time he had a poop accident he when in the bathroom to pee afterwards. I gave him one chocolate but he wanted two. Told him poop should be in the toilet, not underwear. What he did, didn't qualify for two.

Ahhh the joys of having a serious discussion about where poop should be with an almost 3 year old. Once you're a mom, you do things you never thought you would as a young adult and not even wince! Clean up dirty diapers, spit-up, pick a booger out of your child's nose if they can't breath right or sit in front if your child in the bathroom, watching for pee to come out. The latter is what I have been doing for one week when he wants to go potty and wants company. soupir. Glamorous life I tell ya! Please send me potty training magic dust my way.

A bientot!


Corey said...

Right there with you my friend! Last week the Gradster stayed with his grandparents and did not have one accident! As soon as he was home with us, he had 1 poopy accident. It seems like it is going very well now though. I'm nervous because he starts with a new preschool teacher tomorrow.


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