August 8, 2008

Qui a besoin d'un homme? Pas elle!

Let me tell you about my friend E (for her protection, she will be known as E. carry on). This woman knows her way around power tools. She can install crown molding, paint cabinets, install doors or whole house fan. I emailed her a few months ago stating that if things don't work out with her husband, I would marry her. Yup, she's that good.

She recently moved to Central California and bought an older home. It needs a bit of updating but my friend E can handle it. Here's what she did with her bathroom.

Like her, I do not love natural finish Oak cabinetry. Just not my thing. Well Madame E did not stain but painted that cabinet with stain! I know!! You can do that? Apparently so.






Look at the moldings! All by herself. She did that with her old home in Nor Cal and I was in awe.



Those knobs on the cabinet were also brass but a little of black epoxy spray paint and they look new again! We share a foundness for spray paint. Cool

I can't wait to see what else she has done with her home. The woman has talent! She's also reads my blog so now she'll become famous. People all over the world will ask questions about her, people will send her love mail, Extreme Home Edition will call her since their carpenters stink, she will take over Trading Spaces....ok, maybe she'll just get a great job from posters. That's good, right?

A bientot!


Bar-b said...

Madame E- for the Domestic Goddess to be impressed with you, you must be something to behold :) Actually, I was impressed with your work. Great idea.

Hi Nancy...miss seeing you!


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