August 17, 2008

Sortie de filles

I needed to take a small break and what better way to go out with friends? We...well ok moi, I made the executive decision to go to Paragary's Bar and Oven. The last time I went there, Madame E and I were pregnant with our sons. Lucky her she could eat whatever she wanted. Moi? Not that lucky but I did enjoy my food on the spot.

So we all meet there and our waitress was okay at first. I forgot to take a pic of all of us and the food. It seems that Madame L orders 95% of the time the same meal that either I or Madame E chooses. Since Madame E moved, this time it fell upon me. We laugh all the time about this. Don't know why it happens. We think the same I guess. Then she must be a very very very very smart woman. We both chose the handcut rosemary pasta with grilled chicken and artichockes. Madame S ordered a pizza sampler. The food was yummy and the conversation was great. We ate outside and it was a bit breezy and one small leaf did fall in my plate but it was all good. Our waitress service was so so.

Once dessert rolled, I chose a Buttermilk Panna Cotta, and my friends chose Creme Brulee. Madame L wanted hers to go. So how do you think they would package creme brulee? Well you just scoop it out and dump it a paper container. Madame L and I peaked and it was slop! What the heck? She was going to pay $13 for that?!! Back it went and she got a refund. Who does that???? It looked like melted ice cream. If they can't do a to-go dessert then say it. I was still shocked it left the kitchen to be offered at a customer. We all laughed and wished I would of taken a picture of that slop to be in my blog. We called Madame E and told her to go read my blog about our outing. Darn! Wished I took a pic or no one would believe me! The only thing I can do a simulate the reaction. Here's what Madame L's reaction was.


And mine. I apologize for this pic in advance. It was taken early in the morning by my daughter.


Then our waitress did not give the exact change to Madame L. She "forgot" the $10. Yeah...sure. Now I have mixed feelings on that restaurant. My first time 3 years ago was excellent. This time the food was excellent but our waitress wasn't and that dessert fiasco...I might go there again but I would want a different waitress. Paragary, what happened to your high standards? I hope it was just a fluke or you probably lost 3 customers and any others in the future. I know that our next outing will not be there.

A bientot!


Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha :-) Pizza sampler sounded yummt to me. So I guess we would have had 2 and 2 this time.


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