September 20, 2008

Method best in glass cleaner.

As you all know, I love shopping at Target. I go there once a week to get my cleaning supplies and household items. Now going through my favorite aisle in the store (cleaning products), I notice this little beauty: Method best in glass cleaner . Get it? Hmm, I open the cap and take a whiff. Ahhhhh! Got to have it! In my cart it went and on to the kitchen windows it went on.


The smell is divine! A nice light scent that makes you want to breath in deeply. Makes me feel relax. Nicely played Method! No ammonia smell or anything chemically to disrupt your cleaning. Just a refreshing scent of mint. Now for the important part. Did it clean well? Yes. Did it leave any streaks? No. Now I love my Windex but I think I'm going to say au revoir to Windex and bonjour to Method. On their website, they explain why it's blue in color. I guess everyone thinks of blue when they think of glass cleaners. Thanks Windex.

Now the bottle is cute and the smell is wonderful. It cost me about $3-4 for this bottle but it's not that much more expensive than Windex. The smell is great and you're helping your planet too. I say for an extra $1, why not? Trying to change your ways too? Try Method. They have different cleaners with wonderful scents. Do your small part for this world. Maybe it'll even make people love to clean. Well...maybe. Ponder

A bientot!


Dawnie said...

Target is one of my favorite haunts also, once a month for me..when i go in to pay my bill i shop then!


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