November 16, 2008

These are my favorite things!...

No, I won't start wearing a long skirt and skip on some hill, singing that song. I respect people too much to do so. Today as I was doing my errands, I finally stopped at Trader Joes. I haven't been there for weeks but have passed it so many times, promising the next time when I have a moment to do so. Over 2 months later, no stops until today! I went in and got a few of my favorite things. Alas they did not have pretty orchids that I liked but they did have some goodies that I enjoy.

Yummm, Cinnamon sugar pita chips (yes it's open, it was a long 15 minutes to my home, okay?!), Joe-Joes, ladyfingers (for Tiramisu) and ciabatta rolls (great for paninis). I'm kicking myself though for not getting Trader Joes marshmallows! They would be perfect for my homemade hot chocolate!


And I also bought a ginger bread home. This is the second time that I have done this. Last year I bought a mansion and it was hard to keep it up. This year, I went with small cottage one.


And this is not from Trader Joes but at my grocery store. International Delight Chocolate Mint Truffle creamer. I have never tasted it but how can it taste bad? Really? Chocolate and mint? A perfect marriage if you ask me!


It was at the bottom of the shelf, all the way back. I kinda peaked in and saw it. All alone. Sad. I took it home. Tonight, it will have an accounter with coffee. They will be so happy together!

So what are your favorite things? What do you buy every week that you cannot live without? Especially with the holidays coming, do you have any food "traditions"? Mine are chestnuts and Panetonne. It's not Christmas without these. What about vous?

A Bientot!


~Corey said...

At Christmas, I always make spiced tea. Well, OK, sometimes my mom makes it and sends some home with me. But, I HAVE made it several times in the last 9 years. ;D

Bar-b said...

I love trader joes too !!! We don't have one here though :( I just had one of my friends send me.....are you ready.....dark chocolate dipped, chile spiced dried mango. Divine. Please pick some up and enjoy it for me.

That coffee sweetner sounds like fun too!


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