November 30, 2008

We no longer have leftovers!

Finally turkey free! I made soup with the last bit of meat. Make Udon (Japanese noodles) and instead of chicken I just used turkey. Now I can cook again! lol

Here's 2 photos of my Thanksgiving. It was just our little family since mine is far away and Canadian while hubby's is also far away.

I love the way the kids were looking at that turkey. It was done but I wanted to darken the breast. It cooked almost 1 1/2 hours earlier.


And here is it. Fourteen pounds of turkey surrounded by brandied baby carrots. Fourteen pounds of meat for 4 people and a dog! LOL I also made mashed potatoes and yams but my battery died. The latter 2 are my favorite in a Thanksgiving meal. I hope you guys enjoyed your turkey!


A Bientot!


Bar-b said...

Looks yummy. I am a big fan of the ol turkey. I wish we ate it more often actually. I love that picture of the kiddos watching the bird tan.

We just finished out turkey yesterday too.


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