December 15, 2008

Cadeaux pour les professeurs.

Ok, so this year is my first time giving a teacher a Christmas present. I wasn't sure what to give but by volunteering I learned about something about them. They drink coffee! LOL Well wouldn't you if you had 20 kids to teach? So teachers either need coffee or tea to function, so what better way to thank them by giving the gift of caffeine!

I decided to give each of them a Starbucks personalized coffee tumbler with 2 non christmasy decorated template, a Starbucks gift card and sugar cookie in the shape of an apple. Coffee and sugar! Perfect way to start a day! lol Here they are. I think I will tweak a bit on the right side one a bit. It probably cost me under $18 for each teacher. I'm sure you can go lower by getting a coffee mug and it'll look just a cute!


A Bientot!


Anonymous said...

Love these mugs. I am a teacher and would be happy to receive one of these. Gift cards are always much appreciated. Great job!

Laura B. said...

Cook? Clean? Absolutely! Does the guest room suit your fancy? Ha ha ha.

LOL. Thanks for stopping by the blog. These cookies look delish!

Jodee Leader said...

These are just perfect! Your teachers are going to love them!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Thanks ladies. I wanted to give them something usefull and "green" too.

Laura, it suits my fancy. Getting away for a few days even cleaning sounds good. ;)

tidymom said...

Oh those are DARLING!! and I'm sure they will be loved!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


Bar-b said...

Ay NAncy, those are perfect. I will need to copy...for next year..this xmas has come as a surprise to me.


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