December 7, 2008

What country are you?

I took this test out of boredom. The weather is blah and I'm feeling exactly like the weather. I wasn't sure which country I would be when I took this test but after reading the explanation, I can see I am mostly a match. I can see how overspending is a vice but what I think is overspending may not be what others think it is.

Take the test and let me know which country you are.

You Are the Netherlands

You are very entrepreneurial, yet you are also thrifty.

For you, hard for is a virtue and spending money is a vice.

Even though you have high standards for yourself, you are very tolerant of others.

You believe that every person should be valued and shown respect.


Kristens Creations said...

Thanks for registering for the Christmas Tree frame, your tree and Christmas villiage are really pretty! Kristen

Carla said...

"You believe that every person should be valued and shown respect."

So LOVE this!

Suzanne said...

Hong Kong, which is so totally wrong.


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