January 30, 2009

Great shopping day.

Today I went shopping to use up my Children's Place Perks coupons. They were going to expire tomorrow (hurry if you have these or they'll be worthless). I had 2; one $10 & one $30. Why did they send me 2 a few days apart instead of just one? No idea! So I had to make 2 transactions to use both of them.


First one was swim trucks for my son. He has one but it's always a good idea to have an extra one just in case. It was $12.50 minus the $10. Final cost? $2.69. Not bad, right?

Second transaction was my daughter's swim suit, 2 headbands, a belt and 3 pairs of socks (for my son). All together was $16.50 + $5 + $7.50 + $6 = $35 minus the $30 coupon. The final cost was $2.68. So I got all these clothes for $5.37. I think that's a pretty good deal, right?
After shopping I had to stop by and see my daughter get a certificate for being Fair & Just. They give out awards to kids once a month that shows the character they are learning about. She rarely smiles for the camera for strangers. soupir. What's funny to me is that she's wearing her winter coat. She looks like a pimpette with that open coat like that. lol


My little munchkin. Five going on 16. Rolling Eyes Lord give me strenght! She's now complaining that since she can read, write and add, she should go to high school. Oh good lord! I can't wait for the teenagers years! *gulp*

A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

Wow! What cute stuff! I better check my coupon to see when it expires. I love that store!


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