January 5, 2009

Les placarts. Closet love.

Am I the only one that loves to see a beautifully organized closet? Especially those that have built-in cabinets. Oooh love baby! I love looking at magazines where it shows built-ins and I start daydreaming. I have a big walk-in closet. It's a room in itself! I shudder to think how much it'll cost to have a built-in done for my closet. A girl can still dream, right?

One of my favorite blogs is Jeanettes'. She just installed a closet organizer all by herself. My kind of gal! Who needs a man, right?! Want to see her new closet? Here's a photo that I got from her blog (hope it's ok Jeannette).

Nice huh? Go to her blog to see the before. It might give you the push to clean out and organize your closets. Also, I love space bags when I travel. Makes your luggage lighter and less bulky too. Tell her Nancy told everyone should go and see her beautiful closet. lol

A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

I would almost kill for some built ins in our closets. That bloggy friend of yours is handy! What a fabulous closet!

Anonymous said...

I love closet organizers. If I had known, I would have locked you up in the master closet in my old house :-) Did it have enough cabinets for you? :-D The first thing I do when moving into a house (I have done that quite a bit recently ;-) ) is put closet organizers in :-)

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Wow...you are organized. What type/brand/size of space do you use?



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