February 20, 2009

Project for dog owners.

When I moved into our home almost 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to put a sign up that we had a dog. Those who know my dog know she is not even close to being a guard dog. The dog doesn't bark at people or other dogs. Get where I'm going? She's the perfect family dog.
You probably have seen those plastic dog signs. Perfect for a commercial place but for a home? Not so much. What's a girl to do? Online a saw a sign where it said Dogs in yard. Nice! Not beware or watch out but something less aggresive. I decided I would make a sign that looks nice and will tell little hooligans that we have a dog in our yard so don't mess with me. lol Hey! They don't know Sandy.

Winky 2

All you need in this project is a wooden sign, spray paint, paint, brush or stamps and a sealer. I wished I had taken a step by step photo but it was done last year and I wasn't thinking of showing it on my blog. Newbie mistake.

First get a piece of wood for your sign.


Start painting the base on your sign. Two coats is what I did. I chose black since my fence/gate is a dark grayish color. Choose whatever color that will go well with your home. Once the base is dry, either brush or stencils to write the words. My friend came over last year and we tried using stamps. That's what we used here. After some laughs and redo, I went over with a small brush to cover the letters completely. Once that is dry, seal the whole sign with a sealer. Since my sign will be an outside sign, I did 4 coats of sealant. How long will it last? No idea but next winter I will probably have to seal it again.

Isn't it cute? I will use a frame bracket to hang my sign on my gate. Wonder what people will think of it once they see it. lol Can't wait to hang it on my gate!


A Bientot!


Bella Casa said...

I love that! :)

Bar-b said...

I like the sign a lot. I like the colors and the font (I know you hand wrote it but still). Sandy is being acknowledged...cute ;)

jenbusymom said...

Very cute. We had to say goodbye to our dog a little over a year ago.


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