March 1, 2009

Les petites filles sont tellement maligne!

Little girls are sneaky and quite creative. I should know since I remember getting my dad convinced that on certain school days, I was supposed to wear my Sunday best to class. Sooo easy! I now have a daughter. She's my inner clone. She doesn't look like me but BOY does she act like me! Annoyed And Disappointed

Here's another little girl that has made me laugh in the past. I see that she has another video out so I decided to post it too. She's a French little girl but there are english subtitles. I am sure it will make you smile and laugh. Ahh! Thank God, for little girls!

A Bientot!


jenbusymom said...

Very cute, I can't believe how well she speaks!

I have yet to tag my purse but I will! I still have to take pics of my new appliances for you!


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