May 27, 2009

A milestone.

Remember when your baby hit his or her first milestone? Their first smile, laugh, steps, word, etc. I for some reason thought only when they are babies they have milestones. when I had my first child. It does not stop at their first step. No sirree! As toddlers, it's their first time using the potty, getting dressed, putting their shoes on correctly. etc. As school aged kids, first day of school and....riding a bike with no training wheels.

On Memorial Day, I thought why not teach my daughter how to ride a bike with no training wheels. I asked my hubby to go outside and practice with her while I do some cleaning at home. Well a few minutes later I see one training wheel off. I see her stopped and not looking too happy. Off I walked on bare feet on warm asphalt. Ahh the feel of small pebbles on her feet. Divine! Not! I told them to cross the street since that side had no driveways. Yes, overprotective mom here.

I asked her what was wrong and she said it was too hard and scary. I told her I would be the one next to her, holding the seat and never let her fall. The bike might fall but I would be lifting her out. lol After taking the final wheel off and a few practice runs, I let hubby and my father-in-law take the reigns. Thirty minutes later, she was zooming down the sidewalk. The look on her face was perfect! Very focused but once stopped, a huge smile on her face! My baby is riding a bike by herself. My baby.

Now as any crazy/over protective mom would do, I had to take photos of this moment and yell comments like "Hold her! Not on the street! Watch out!" lol The men probably thought I was nuts but that's my baby. I didn't want her to have ONE scratch on her. hihihi I hope as I get older, I get less nervous when there's a chance that she might get hurt. *gulp*

Here she is. The helmet wasn't on properly since it needed to get tightened more but I was afraid of pushing any buttons and she might quit. I think she's ready for a new helmet though. Anyway, here's my baby riding her bike.


Run son, run! She's doesn't know how to break well yet!


Hubby taking a break while I was next to her. Notice to pics of me. sigh


There she goes!


I wonder what's her next milestone. Please don't let it be makeup or boys! Yikes!

A Bientot!


danielle said...

YAY!! Way to go, Samantha!!


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