August 15, 2009

Back to school teacher's gift.

This Monday, my daughter will start first grade. Now I have a full time child is school. It will also be the first time she gets to eat at school with her friends. I'm nervous for her since she is a very quiet and shy child when she doesn't know you. I know that her best friend will be in her class so that makes me feel better.

Last year, I didn't have a chance to offer a gift to her Kindergarden teacher. I just sent her some items from her wishlist. Not very personal. This year, I decided to make something special for her teacher.


See this box? I've had this box for almost 4 years. lol I knew it would come in handy some day. Her teacher's gift is still a work in process but I will show you tomorrow what the gift is. I do hope she likes it. It took some time to do this. lol I should be done by tomorrow afternoon. Come back and see what her teacher is getting!

A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I am still using your Starbucks gift idea. I just used it again for an end of the year summer gift for his Y instructor. It was perfect!

~Corey said...

I hope you're not making homemade panties. ;)


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