August 16, 2009

Back to school teacher's gift. II

Well it's done! My daughter's gift for her teacher is completed and ready to go. My friend Corey commented that she hopes it's not homemade panties. lol Now THAT would be a project! lol Sorry Corey, no panties today.

Here's her teacher's gift.



I think it turned out cute. It's a survival kit. I can just imagine having 20 small kids for the whole day. I thought it would be nice to give her some essentials while she's working. Want to see what I packed? You do? Really? Ok, ok. Let's take a look!


All packed nicely and snugly so nothing will budge. Here's the complete list of what's inside.
  • Water bottle
  • Single packet of Propel Raspberry Lemonade flavor
  • Excedrin Tension Headaches (lol, you know she's gonna need it!)
  • TLC bar
  • Mini rice cakes
  • Tic Tacs
  • Wipes
  • Tissue
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Hand lotion
  • Homemade emergency nail kit (you always break a nail when your mani looks perfect!)
  • Travel sewing kit (pop a button? Hem unraveled? No problem!)
  • Stickers
  • Melamine bowl
  • Kashi single serve cereal (in case she rushes to class without eating breakfast)
  • Spoon
  • Pond Toilettes (same day she is rushing and didn't have time to wash her face. lol)
  • Shout wipes to go (in case of spilling something on your white shirt)
  • Small first aid kit

I think it'll do for her first week of school. lol I just hope she doesn't use up all those headache pills! lol

Here's how I did it. The paper and flower came from my friend's Kim. The woman has a small Micheal's in her house. lol

First I covered the edges of the lid. I used double side sticky tape. That sucker will stay stuck forever. If you mess don't want to know. Just make sure you position it correctly.


Here's my friend Kim. She's the one sitting not knowing I was taking a pic. hihihi


The I used the scrap paper for the top and used adhesive spray. Much more forgiving when fidgeting.


I then used a brown ribbon to go around the edge of that paper.


I hot glued the flower to the top and printed out that plaque on parchment paper.


I also covered the sides of bottom in paper. Didn't do underneath. Just don't look teacher! lol

I also put a photo of my daughter under the lid to make it more personal. She thinks it's beautiful and that just makes me feel even better.

And that was it! Simple, right? Just takes a bit of time. I hope she likes it and that she uses it when needed. I was going to put a seal and type "break seal in case of emergency" but decided against it. Maybe next year.

Are you doing something for your child's first school day? Care to share?

ETA: Here's what's under the lid. A photo of my daughter, taken from this year. She signed her name and year. She's a big girl now. Doesn't need mommy to write her name anymore. sigh


A Bientot!


Jodee Leader said...

That turned out soooo cute! Her teacher is going to love it!

A Touch of Country said...

adorable! The tension headache is a great idea and so funny!

I am enjoying reading thru your blog.

jenbusymom said...

That's so amazing, I may be stealing another one of your brilliant gift ideas! I know, isn't it sad that they don't want our "help" anymore!

Angela said...

I'm a middle school teacher. Student's aren't eager to give their teacher's gifts at that age. I'm sure the teacher was very flattered. That's very thoughtful of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a high school teacher, and even I would love that!! We teachers deal with an unbelievable amount of stress, and something like this would just absolutely make my day (week, month, or year even!)

MissesStitches said...

What a great idea. I was thinking of assembling something like this for my daughter, who is a teacher. Thanks for the idea.


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