October 16, 2009

Ahhh children brings so much into our lives!

As a mom, you discover that kids come with many needs: food, shelter, play time, etc. They also bring many things into our lives: love, joy, laughter,......trash! lol Snack wrappers, tissues, mulch from the park, etc. They are a bit messy and if one of them is a boy, you'll be getting surprises like rocks and sticks too.

I don't understand why cars don't have a compartment just for trash. In my old Honda, I used the ashtray compartment as my trash receptacle for tissues and little wrappers. Now my Mazda does not have an ashtray compartment (probably since smokers are disappearing) so I had to use one of the cup holder to hold trash. Not the best situation nor is it appealing to look at.

I was monitor shopping on Etsy and saw a trash bag for cars. Bingo! Now there are many sellers our there but I chose
Nstitches4u. She has many bags with different fabric style and she also sends you a roll of biodegradable bags. She also sells other things but I just needed the trash bag. I will look at her products on another day.


The inside without the plastic bag.


With the bag in.


There! Now I have a place to put my kids trash and any paper that I do not need. It almost touches the floor so I can actually put empty juice or milk containers. Extra bonus!


A Bientot!



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