February 23, 2010

Dirt under my fingernails.

Ok, so it's not a great title but that is what's happening.  Spring is coming soon to Nor Cal. The trees are budding and some are flowering. My bulbs are producing leafy greens but I can't remember the name of the flower. lol

I'm starting to get my kitchen and vegetable garden ready. I pulled out any weeds that may have been there and start tilling the dirt. Now I need is to buy some good compost so that my dirt gets nutrients before I plant my herbs and vegetables.

You know what's funny? The oregano that I planted last March is still doing well! Heck, my basil died after the first frost but not my oregano! Nope! Look at it. Guess I'm not buying some this year.  I'm thinking of adding some extra herbs this year. I would like to try some in my cooking and I love the look and smell of fresh herbs, pas vous?

How's the weather in your area? Is Spring coming or are you still getting bombarded with snowstorms?

A Bientot!


Wanda said...

Hear that sound?.......that's me.....wimpering! I need Spring......now!

Enjoy that dirt under your fingernails. sigh.............

Célia Novais Rosado said...

Raining like hell in France!

Bar-b said...

lets just say that combined with my non apparent green thumb and the weather, I have made sure to keep ALL of my home depot nursery receipts :)

Love your enthusiasm about your gardening grow.


jenbusymom said...

Do I ned to tell you that tht white stuff is still coming down as we speak!! Enjoy your herbs (I mean that sarcastically of course)!!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I LOVE oregano! It is my favorite! It is around 50 degrees here and yesterday was very windy. We were at the softball fields for hours and the wind made it very cold! No more snow so far. I can not wait until it warms up, but I do not love the pollen! Have a great weekend (what is left of it!).

Suzanne said...

Nancy, do you plant your herbs in one plot together or do you separate them with borders and/or pots? We've always used containers so as not to blend herb flavors, but I'm rethinking things as our landscape plans progress.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Hey Suzanne,

I plant mine in the ground. I have tried containers and they don't seem to go as well compared to in the ground itself.

I have never heard of herbs blending flavors. I always have mu oregano, basil and cilantro and they never taste off.

I will try some in containers just because I want to expand my herbs this year and I don't have the room for them. I forget to water them every morning since the hot summers here dries them up within a day. I have a drip system for my garden so that helps me in not forgetting to water them every morning. :)

Good luck with your garden!


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