May 3, 2010

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers in the world!

I hope someone will thank you this week but it case they do not, let me thank you personally.

Teaching is close to being a mom in my opinion. You have children that you are trying to teach at the same time while maintenant structure in your class. You don't get too many "thank yous" and you still have work at home. You get
sneezed at, coughed on, spilled on, sometimes yelled at (hmmm), squeezed at (lol Julie) and yet you continue to teach the next day to the same children.

You are a helper to a parent. Together, you want the child to reach their full potential. Working as a team helps you, the child and the parent.

I appreciate and understand how you feel at the end of a crazy busy day. Always overworked and unpaid. Thank you for staying a teacher eventhough you don't always see the end result years to come. I appreciate your work and wish you a wonderful week.

A Bientot!


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

How sweet...and so true! I also believe it must be hard to teach so many children with different forms of discipline (if any) at home. Such a challenge!! Hey, I am having a giveaway! Hope you will come visit. Have a great evening.

jenbusymom said...

Here here!


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