June 12, 2011

My daughter is 8 years old.

Yesterday my daughter turned 8 years old. I can't believe she's almost 10 which is close to 15, which is close to 18. That's how my mind works and I know it's crazy. I feel proud of who she is turning into but at the same time I see her slipping away from me as she gets more independent. My baby girl is turning into a young lady and I am feeling sad about it. Enough about me but more about my beautiful daughter. I am biased but I think she's so pretty. lol

This year we decided not to have birthday parties for the children but to invite a friend for a special day out. My daughter chose her best friend and I went to pick her up at her home. My daughter had no idea what was going to happen since I kept her in the dark during the whole week. Both girls were excited about what will be happening. We first had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and my daughter kept smiling and laughing with her friend during the whole time. Ahhh to be that young again!
 After lunch I told them they were going to get pampered at a nail salon. This was a first for each girl and especially my daughter. She has been begging me to have a different color on her nails besides light pink and to have her toes done as well. This was her birthday and I thought this would be a special event for her. And it was! The child was beaming from ear to ear. She was in heaven and kept looking at her nails. lol All the ladies at the salon kept saying how well mannered they were and how cute they looked. My daughter chose a bubble pink color (I had a small panic attack from the color lol) and her best friend chose a shimmering blue. Very pretty actually. I know most girls have had their nails done in many different colors but I am a bit old fashion in that area. I'm just trying to kept has within her age group and not have her jump into teenager stuff.
After they were all prettied up, they wanted to go shopping at the mall. Wow. I wondered if that's how I was with my friends at their age. They went shopping, got some toys (they are still little girls), went for a ride at the carousel, went to the instant photo booth and took photos (remember those?? they still exist!) and got some lipbalm and jewlery. It was time to go home and a pit stop at McDs for some frozen strawberry lemonade. Those suckers are tart! lol They girls loved it.
Needless to say I was exhausted and I still had to finish decorating my daughter's cake and make dinner. Oh, didn't I tell you? We asked her what she wanted to eat and it can be anything and the child chose a homemade meal. We tried to persuade her for a restaurant but she wanted my sesame ginger chicken. lol After dropping her best friend to her home and trying to get my daughter out of her friend's house, I managed to finish the cake and have a meal ready since my father-in-law and his girlfriend were coming over for dinner.

My daughter had cool gifts for her birthday. Not many toys since she is getting into new things. We got her a CD player and her firsts CDs. Miranda Crossgrove and Big Time Rush. Clean songs since she is only 8.

My daughter's birthday cake. I couldn't finish the cake beforehand since you shouldn't put fondant cake in the fridge. They will sweat and that sucks. lol
Today she picked u 2 more CDs (Kidz Bop) and is now decorating her jewlery boxe. She's in heaven and I am happy to make her day special. She's still my baby afterall.

For my readers that have tweens or teenagers, how do you deal with the loss of the little girl or boy they are no longer being? Will they still want to be with you a bit or completely leave you alone until they move out? My father-in-law said I will not deal well she will get married. I'm afraid he's right. lol

A Bientot!



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