August 16, 2011

First day of school 2011.

This past Monday, my children started school. I still can't believe I have a third grader AND a first grader. No more babies, toddlers or preschool. That's it! Now I have somewhat big kids. I shudder to think of when I'll say I have middle and high schoolers! I better stock up on Kleenex! lol

As per tradition, I took photos on their first day. Looking back of when my daughter started kindergarden and how she looks now, makes me sad. She's growing up to be a beautiful young lady. sniff.

Here's my daughter all ready for third grade. She doesn't want bangs anymore and now wants her hair to stay long.  She's also very happy since I painted her nails and toes in bubble gun pink.
 Thinking of how she thinks the day will be for her.
 God, she's looking like a young girl.
Here's my son. This one has no worries. All ready to be a "man" and start first grade. All smiles. Real smiles. Dear Lord child, can you at least pretend you need me just a tiny bit??? lol
 First grade baby!
 Thumbs up for starting first grade!
I then wanted a photo with both of them. My daughter was feeling cheeky and kept trying to make her little brother look funny. Ahhh siblings!
Then it was off to school! Everyone is good spirits and I was feeling very proud that I didn't shed a tear for my son.  I saw children crying and even parents crying. It's a hard thing to let go of your small children especially if this is your first one. It's like we lose a bit of them by letting go.

Mom! Stop snapping photos of us! lol
My daughter's teacher. She is new to the school and I noticed pregant too. lol I see another teacher coming into my daughter life in a few months.
 My son's teacher. She's the young lady in purple. Hmm does that make me old calling her a "young lady"? lol
 Waiting in line.
 Ok mom. Enough!
 Crazy mom taking a photo thru the window.
Ninja mom also went and snapped a photo of my daughter without her knowing. She's at the right side, first one.
And when I had to pick them up, still all smiles. My daughter said her math problems were easy and my son said he finished all his work. Uhuh. Lets hope it continues throughout the year.

Have your children started school? Is it your first one or are you a veteran mom?

A Bientot!


Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry I just saw this. Your kids are adorable. Hope all is going well for them at school. I teach first grade and I love it.


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