August 6, 2008

Conversation avec ma fille II

Today my daughter and I went to the mall as a Girls Day Out treat. We were walking toward our car and I notice there was a Portugal flag in the parked car next to ours. Here is how it went on between my daughter and I

Moi: Oh, look! That van has a Portugal flag inside. Maybe the driver is Portuguese.
Ma Fille : Where??? *looking at the van for that flag*
Moi: There, on the window. See?
Ma Fille : Yeah! So the car is Pork and Cheese?
Moi:..................***for the love of....***
Ma Fille: *Grinning* Is the car or the person Pork and Cheese? know it's Portuguese and not Pork and Cheese...........
Ma Fille: Oh yeah! I forgot! *big smile

Sigh. That's how she says Portuguese. Always had as a toddler and as of today. This is going to be a tough habit to break. Pork and Cheese moms of the world, has your children ever mispronounced their nationality? Or any moms out there. Does your child have a funny way to pronounce their nationality? I'm curious. Wonder what my son calls himself??? Sigh.
A bientot!


eeestll said...

Will you stop it? My stomach hurts from laughing!


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